The name Salt & Clay Living is the result of months of thoughtful consideration. Crafted by two designers with unique creative styles, Salt & Clay Living is a home décor and lifestyle brand that defines earthy luxury in every detail. Our curated collection features handcrafted, high-quality, and timeless products.

At Salt & Clay Living, we believe that every home tells a story. We aim to inspire creativity by elevating spaces and invite you to weave Salt & Clay Living into the narrative of your homes.

“Making your home a canvas of comfort and cultural tales”

  • Artisan Made

    Crafted in partnership with gifted artisans in India.

  • Small Batch

    Our handcrafted products are produced in limited quantities while protecting traditional methods.

  • Founder’s Touch

    Our original art prints are crafted in-house by Salt and Clay’s founding member

  • Travel-Inspired

    Our collections draw inspiration from the sights and stories encountered during our travels

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