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Introducing our Agate Tray with brass coated stainless steel handles, a unique addition to your home décor. Each tray boasts the natural beauty of agate in its most raw form showcasing a breathtaking ombre of shades of white, blush, grey and browns, making it a captivating piece. The organic shape of the tray lends it an understated charm, reminiscent of stones smoothed by the gentle caress of water over time.

Whether used as a serving tray for your favorite culinary creations, a trinket tray to hold your most cherished treasures, or a decorative centerpiece to adorn your table, our Agate Tray with Handles is sure style check. Embrace the pure beauty of nature with this versatile and contemporary addition to your home.

Semi-Precious Gemstone

Every Piece is Unique in Shape & Size

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